Saturday, 11 February 2012

The legendary stardust cowboy

It was for a reason that the tram broke down, and that the bus was full and that I walked on the opposite side of the road... And over sudden in the freezing Budapest evening: Mark was there. Obvious, as these moments always are when they happen after so many years and such longs years silence...
My rockandroll grandpa & occasional alibi husband, MARK. Covered in winter stuff and under them KISS tattoos, his piercings shining.
So later at his place (with oven on and all the hobs on maximum for heating) he showed me the mother of all punk songs, from before punk was even invented. The legendary stardust cowboy.
And I think about them ever since. MY ones. The ones I m lucky to know. So HELLO.
Jimmy Brown.
Fred. (still and always. xxx)
Kuzin Gergo.

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