story board for Youknack

story board for Youknack

Studio Deluxe

Graphics by me ( Original photos by Tibor Morocz and Kilian Zoltan)

Illustration for short story "The One amongst the Waves" by Ilona Nótár


                                                           PROMO BOOKLET    Thirteen and a half minutes - A shortfilm by Georgina Hegedűs

book design & making... for Leo

Experimental Cookbook for Fil

Stray CAT hostel -project summary...oh yeahhhh

Chelsea Space Galley - project illustartion


Test work for Score


portfolio for Tamas Gulyas confectioner @

 logo design: Leap behavioral consulting  - see page here

logo & banner design for Raffle Social - see page here

logo design for Deluxe Dollz  - see page here

logo design for rock band Satu BMG